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February 2009



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Feb. 10th, 2009


[OPEN] Grocery store!

Characters: Lee Hyori, and anyone?
Location: Grocery store
Rating: G
Summary: Hyori went to the grocery store and met someone?

Hyori went to the grocery store, she couldn't possibly leave her refrigerator empty. Although she didn't cook nor eat food much, but at least she needed some supply. Just in case she had company at her place.

Hyori took a glanced around at the aisle she walked by, she started to put things on her cart whether she really need it or not. "Mmm~ what else do i need?" she mumbled while tapping her index finger on her lips.

"Ahh~ soda, i need sodas!"

Feb. 8th, 2009

i am a boy


[Open] Club Night!

Characters: Bou + Key(Kibum) + anyone else who wants to be in the club scene.. later,
Where: At a club, in Shibuya?  Day 10, night
Rating: PG (for crossdressing and the likes,)
Warning: um, two guys crossdressing as girls in short dresses. :DD
Summary:  Bou calls up Key so they can go clubbing in those dresses!

Bou lounged around on his couch, lazily, wondering what the hell he could do tonight.  He thought for a bit...

"Oh!  I promised Key that we would go clubbing this weekend!"  He suddenly remembered.  Bou quickly pulled out his cell phone, scrolled down his list of contacts, and called Key.

"Come on... pick up the phone Key." Bou whined to himself in the empty apartment, rushing around, trying to find that dress and that new necklace he had bought just yesterday.

"Ah!" He cried, as Key finally picked up his cell.  "Key!  It's me, Bou!  Remember, I promised you that we'd go clubbing soon?" Bou asked excitedly.

Ooh, hopefully Key didn't forget!  He still has to wear that really really short dress! Bou thought, animatedly.

Feb. 2nd, 2009

looking up


[reserved] You are a vampire right!

Characters: Matsumoto Jun, Kitagawa Keiko
Location: Library (morning)
Rating: -
Warnings: -
Summary: Keiko meet a real vampire.

There was an hour and a half break before her next class and she was left with nothing to do. And in times like this, there would be one place where she would go, the Library. It was still quite early in the morning since her first class started at seven, so the library was still quite deserted. 

She made her way through the racks of books, pondering on what she should read. Turning to a corner, she came to a side of the library which she had not look at before. It was where the old books were stacked, covered with dust, no one barely comes here since they didn't find the need of those books.

After pulling out a book, she had to step back a bit and coughed as the dust flew around. Covering her mouth, she turned her head to the side and waited for the dust to disperse. It was then she saw a figure not far away. Curious, she walks towards it.




Characters: Kitagawa Keiko & Mizushima Hiro
Where:  Somewhere outside Tokyo U
Rating: -
Warning: -
Summary: Hiro hangs around the university and meets Keiko.

It was one of those long days with classes form morning till evening, and it had somewhat made her head aches. Keiko walks down the stairs of Tokyo U and went straight to a bench not far away. Sitting on the bench, she let out a soft sigh and rummage her bag for the sandwich  she bought this afternoon. Her stomach had been growling in protest for the last hour and she couldn't hold it for another hour to fill it when she get home, so sandwich would have to do for now.

Biting on her sandwich, her mind flew to what her lecturer said in class, then it changes into praising how beautiful the evening sky look and how the cold ham tasted so delicious. If there was one thing she can't help herself from doing when she's alone, it was spacing out, her mind just seems to wander by itself.

Jan. 31st, 2009



[RESERVED] Of unexpected meetings and awkward situations.

Characters: Kim Jaejoong, Haruma Miura
Location: Starbucks, just slightly off the University campus; early afternoon, day 9
Rating: G
Summary: He did not expect to see him there. Nope, not at all.

Paying for his coffee, he scanned the small Starbucks which he has gone into to firstly get out of the cold, and secondly to bide the time until his next lesson. And holding the cup between his hands, he made his way to an empty table next to a window, placing the cup on the table before pulling out a textbook and a foolscap pad and beginning to do some work, bending over his books.

Jan. 28th, 2009



Characters: Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong
Location: Home
Rating: PG
Summary: One Month.

It was a good thing that He and Jaejoong shared a room. It was that easy to pull his drawer open and take the star pendant he'd just given him two days before. In place of it, he left a small piece of paper.


I don't really know where we stand right now. But while we are lost in that web of apprehension, I stand at the tower where the we began, and I really wish you would hear me out. Maybe you would like to stand up here with me?


And he waited.

Jan. 26th, 2009


[RESERVED] Just because...

Characters: Kim Ryeowook, Lee Donghae
Location: Grocery store where they both work; morning
Rating: G
Summary: Considering no one's here yet, Ryeowook decides to help in restocking the shelves.

Balancing a crate of canned food on one knee and using one hand to stabilise it, Ryeowook pulled the step-ladder closer to him and set the crate on the floor, taking a few cans at one and restocking the higher shelves. The store technically wasn't open yet, but since he had come in early today [he only had afternoon classes today and didn't really mind coming in early to help], he might as well get to work and do something productive, right?

Jan. 24th, 2009


[RESERVED] The Truth of Vampires, Dancers And Margaritas

Characters: Miura Haruma, Han Geng
Location: A ballet studio downtown, Day 8, 10:30 P.M.
Rating: G
Summary: Miura finds that not all male dancers are as conceited as they look.

Miura strolled leisurely through the dark of night, save for the pleasing light from the full moon and the warm glow of the streetlamps. The night was peaceful. Silent. Just the way he liked it. Or was it? As Miura turned a corner, strains of a tune so familiar he could not simply just turn away and ignore it made him come to a halt and tilt his head as he tried to make sense of the melody. His feet, of their own will, took baby steps forward and still his eyes remained closed as they brought him closer to the music.

It was only when he was right outside of the source of a volume that would not have disturbed any other human that he recognized it as Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake Waltz. The sign hanging right over his head told him that he was standing outside Mimi's Ballet Studio. A light on the second floor was on; Miura's feet once again helped themselves up the stairs as the owner kept busy with the music he heard. Miura appreciated classical music; he really did and the Swan Lake Waltz had been one of his favourites before he moved on to more contemporary pop in an effort to keep up with the times.

The second door to the right looked promising despite the closed door and Miura was careful to turn the doorknob and push the door open slowly so as not to alert the room's occupant/s if they weren't already aware of his presence. He doubted they were.

Inside, the room was small for a studio definitely spacious enough for the man twirling to the phrases of the song at the end of the room, as the music flowed.

Jan. 21st, 2009


[RESERVED] Of Common Interests and Chance Meetings

Characters: Han Geng, Koda Kumi
Location: Streets outside the practice rooms    
Time: Day 7, 8:00 p.m
Rating: g
Summary: He’s only seen her from afar, and she looks different when not under stage lights and in normal clothes.

Five straight hours of dance practice, and Han Geng’s muscles had began to feel the pleasant kind of sore that he likes—the kind that starts from his legs and travels up.

He was headed back after a long day, with his dance shoes slung over his left shoulder and his drawstring bag on his back. He hummed to himself as he walked, and thought about the way his the slippers slapping against his feet felt so different from his dancing shoes.



[RESERVED] So we meet,

Characters: Ohkura Tadayoshi, Henry Lau
Location: Henry's office, Ohkura's house - university campus
Rating: PG-13
Warning: ... probably violence? idk
Summary: Henry chances upon a website requesting information about vampires, and his curiosity has him helping

Having settled on his new apartment and his roommates rather quickly days ago, Henry was faced with the task of moving his items over. Easy as it was for him to pick out the essential items and carry them across rooftops, procrastination struck at the wrong moment. Amid the chaos that was the Secret Execution Police Force's (SEPF) headquarters, his office was a quiet haven of clutter. It wasn't that he disliked the new apartment, but work was work - and it was office hours at that moment, even if the rules did not normally apply to him. Fingers swiftly flew over his keyboard as his eyes scanned the google page: vampire, garlic, wooden stake, midnight, blood, hunter. Freezing for a milisecond, he reread the keywords over and over again - vampire hunter, information needed.

Curious, he entered the site and quickly hacked into the server. Briefly browsing through the information, he opened up numerous browsers to identify the person behind the website. He figured that the hunter was not well-connected, let alone well-known, and left the usual hunter channels alone. Ohkura Tadayoshi, 23, full-time student. While the data about Tadayoshi's family indicated that they had stopped dealing with vampires, it did make sense that the child would go against the heads of the family. Fascinating. Grinning happily, Henry pulled up a file dealing with one of the weaker Class E vampires that the government wanted dead and marked it as his target - before sending the necessary information to the hunter. He decided, that helping this vampire hunter was not too bad an idea.

Jan. 19th, 2009


[RESERVED] first day working

Characters: Toda Erika and Sakurai Sho
Location: Sho's office building, noon
Rating: g
Warning: (Optional) none
Summary: first day for her part-time job, and Erika had to meet Sho from Sakurai's family

It was purely intentional that Erika decided to seek for a job.
It was accidental that she applied at Sakurai family's place (the family which had been her family's rival)
It was a big surprise when she was accepted without any much problem.

And that was why Erika was able to start her new job for today. Nervous, yes. She didn't really know how to place herself inside the company anyway.

A note was given to her, and she should look for this room number to meet her new partner. But, being alone in this big building, Erika found it hard to arrive at the mentioned room. Every places looked just the same in her eyes.

After a long time of searching, Erika was finally standing in front of the door. Taking a deep breath, Erika knocked two times before opening the door, ready to meet her partner

[OOC : sorry if it's rather messy.. >.<]


[RESERVED] There's a continuation for everything...

Characters: Toda Erika and Masuda Takahisa
Location: A cafe near her university, around 7 a.m.
Rating: G
Warning: (Optional) None
Summary: Erika met Massu for the second time

It was still early in the morning yet Erika had took her seat inside a cafe. She happened to wake up much earlier than usual and thought about using her time wisely, wisely as in spending it to have a nice coffee.

Her class would be started in an hour and she was sitting leisurely in a table in the middle side of the cafe. A cup of hot tea was placed right in front of her while she looked at it happily. One, two, three.. When she realized it, she had put three packs of sugar inside her coffee. Perfect. Milk was the only thing needed to be added, yet she couldn't find any around her. Sighing, she slowly stood up to approach the counter, hoping to get her milk...

Jan. 18th, 2009


[RESERVED] Another Chance Meeting

Characters: Miura Haruma and Kim Kibum
Location: university; day seven, afternoon
Rating: --
Summary: Key's day of reunions continues!

The grin couldn't wipe off of his face as the family car made its way to the campus. Kibum had been smiling ever since he ran into one of his old friends. One of the family guards had continued to to question why he seemed so happy, but Key just shrugged him off. It really seemed like he was finally making real friends in Japan. Not the ones who seemingly loved him for his looks and money.

It was a good thing that his smile wouldn't fade. He was going to need it if he wanted to make an impression. At that moment, the car was en route to the university that Kibum was thinking of attending. His father knew people on the inside and pulled a couple strings to allow him to take a tour of the campus. It was stressful thinking that he'd be a college student so soon. Kibum crossed his legs and gazed out of the window as they finally reached their destination. The campus was sprawling with a huge number of kids bustling about and getting to their next classes.

Scenes like that made Kibum sort of excited.

His mood couldn't be any better as he stepped out of the car. After seeing Donghae again, he truly felt ecstatic. This tour was going to be great. Now where was that student guide?

Jan. 14th, 2009


[OPEN] Dance Hall Drug

Characters: Miura Haruma, Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong
Location: A nightclub in Roppongi, Tokyo. Day 6, 9.30 P.M.
Rating: G
Summary: Miura visits one of Tokyo's most active nightclub scenes.

Miura stepped onto the packed dance floor, full of gyrating bodies, every one of them searing hot and pumped up with energy. He felt the excitement, the stimulation... the fresh blood coursing through their veins. He scowled inwardly and retreated back to the bar. Calling for a White Russian, he perched himself atop a bar stool and silently contemplated finding a meal before the clock hit eleven. He felt unusually indulgent: it was his first night back in Japan and vow or no vow, his blood lust demanded a human instead of the usual dinner of microwave-heated pig’s blood. 

He looked around; he had wandered from his hotel situated in the heart of Minato and stumbled upon this particular nightclub, one of the newer and trendier ones, it seemed. 

There were plenty of drunken young girls around. Twice the number of drunken middle-aged lechers, half of whom, no doubt, would not give up on the opportunity to land a good, inebriated lay in the middle of some dark alley somewhere with the victim hardly conscious and definitely not a compliant party, would she have been sober. All Miura had to do was chance upon one and the lucky girl would be spared the confusion – and distress – come next morning. Of course, that was saying she managed to get back home safely in the first place. Miura knew he wasn’t the only vampire in Japan who wouldn’t mind a fresh bite if it (drunkenly) bumped their way.

Jan. 11th, 2009

06 &gt; business time


[Reserved] Sunshine.

Characters: Lee Hyori and Ruka
Location: Disneyland Theme Park
Rating: G.
Summary: Ruka decides to spoil Hyori, who he grew to see as a little sister, by bringing her to an amusement park.

Ah, the things he did for Hyori sometimes. Somewhere down the line, he began to spoil her, giving her whatever she wanted. He thought of her as a little sister, never allowing himself really to like anyone, her included. He definitely found her a beautiful vampire, however, and wouldn't deny it.

He was waiting for her, rather obediently outside the gate. It was at that moment his pride was injured quite a bit, as a giant Mickey Mouse wrapped their arms around the tall vampire. Ruka just attempted to squirm away, and let out a heavy sigh of relief as he was released by the massive headed mascot, and all he could do was hope and pray no one recognized him.

Glancing around, he made sure she didn't see him as he got mauled by the overly cheerful mascot. Although he was in such a childish place for her, he wanted to keep whatever dignity was possible.


[RESERVED] just as simple as girls' chat

Characters: Kitagawa Keiko and Toda Erika
Location: University cafeteria
Rating: g
Warning: (Optional) none
Summary: Having lunch while chatting was the thing girls loved to do.

Another day had passed. No matter how late she slept last night, not to mention a bit hangover just because of two glasses of cocktails, Erika knew that she would still have to go to her University for studying. Tired, yes. Sleepy, yes. But this was her responsibility. What would happen if she skipped her class? She didn't even want to think about that.

Unfortunately, due to her exhaustion, she woke up a bit late that morning, thus she couldn't have any proper breakfast beforehand. It didn't really strange when she heard her stomach voice a few times, asking for something to fill it with. And as the lunch time, Erika didn't really waste her time at all and went straight to the cafeteria.

"1 spicy ramen, please~"

As her order was finished, she took her seat on one of the unoccupied table. Eating happily, Erika didn't really pay attention to her surrounding, not even when a familiar girl arrived there...

Jan. 10th, 2009


{RESERVED] because journalists don't work behind the lenses

Characters: Go Ara and Kim Ryeowook
Location: grocery store, morning
Rating: G
Summary: The journalist needs some pictures.


It was going to be a long day, Ara knew, since there was a shoot that was so large that her shishou needed her present to help. So of course, after grabbing her camera and bento, the first place she headed to before going to the studio was the local grocery store a few blocks away from her apartment.


It was a chilly day, and the instant she stepped into the heated store, she felt warmth envelope her body. Ara grabbed a basket and quickly bought the things she wanted.


Energy drink…sour gummy worms…chocolate bar…


Five minutes later, she found herself at the check out counter, watching the cashier scan the items she had bought.

06 &gt; business time


[Reserved] Romeo & Juliette.

Characters: Ruka and Ohgo Suzuka.
Location: Shopping center - afternoon.
Rating: G?!
Summary: Suzuka decides to approach the well-known vampire Ruka, in a completely non-suspicious way while he's shopping, and plans to lull him into a sense of security.

The male refused to go out at night. It was simply out of the question. Being a prestigious person, or rather, one of the most well-known vampires, it had become dangerous with the coming of what was called 'vampire slayers.' For so long, Ruka can live a normal life, with no one believing in vampires. But vampire hunters - they were dangerous. He had already dealt with a few - all of them dealt with accordingly. Usually tortured in some way - having to promise to never speak of Ruka or he'd hunt them down. They were empty threats, but it worked. He was a man of great power, after all.

So he spent his times in Tokyo going out during the day. Today was one of those days, where he felt he simply must shop. Despite being afternoon, the shopping center was busy. Busy enough that a vampire hunter wouldn't try anything, plus it was mid-day. Wearing a pair of sunglasses, and although he was dressed casually, somehow - it still managed to make Ruka look like an extremely well-dressed man. He had to admit, it was lonely, however. He was usually with bodyguards, acquaintances, or people he recently sired. But he wasn't stupid, he was armed. His jacket liner having a pistol if he needed it.


[Reserved] Advertisement

Characters: Teru and Kato Shigeaki.
Location: LOVE*LIFE Cafe - early morning
Rating: G
Summary: The cafe where Teru works hires a photographer for their ad, and who else do they hire but Shigeaki?

Advertisement! Let's make this cafe the best in all Japan! Was what the boss had said. He had been a bit more cheerful now that his wife was having a child, and wanted as much income as possible so his child could have a comfy life. Teru admired this, simply loving how he wanted the best for his child, so he played along. Before he knew it, the boss was relaying about a photographer coming in, and for all his staff to look the best they could. It was going to be early morning, and Teru had listened. He added a slight curl to the longer streaks of his hair, made sure he slept well so he didn't have bags, and even ironed his shirt! Only to find out.. well, a memo that was lying on the counter when he opened shop.

Sorry! Everyone is going to be late, as I forgot to remind everyone but you! (^-^);
Whoops! Do your best to keep him entertained, Teru, show him around!
- Boss-sama.

Sighing, his boss was such a ditz. Nothing he could do, though. So he simply cleaned up a bit, turned all the lights on, opened curtains, and waited for the 'prized' photographer to arrive.


[RESERVED] Lesson One...

Characters: Han Seung Yeon, Taeyang
Location: Seung Yeon's house on the outskirts of Tokyo, Day 5, late evening
Rating: PG...
Warning: None really...
Summary: Taeyang goes to see how Seung Yeon trains; ends up getting stuck there overnight.

Here it goes..^_^Collapse )

Jan. 8th, 2009



Characters: Eeteuk and TOP
Location: Some sketchy area in Tokyo, late evening, Day 5
Rating: PG-13
Warning: (Optional) some violence and a lack of gun knowledge (by the muns)
Summary: Eeteuk waits until nightfall to go hunting for the vampire he'd been hearing about, and TOP decides to follow to be helpful.

Read more...Collapse )


[RESERVE] I Got The Job!

Characters: Lee Dong Hae, Kato Rosa
Location: Grocery Store
Rating: G
Warning: none for now
Summary: Kato got the job and Dong hae help her…

Kato walked out from the office, she bowed to the manager before she leaving the room and closed the door. Once she was out she smiled widely, she got the job in the grocery store Dong Hae offer him.

Kato walked jumpily to the store and tried to find the person who help her get the job. She walked through the alley and search for the familiar figure

Jan. 4th, 2009




Characters: Bou and Teru
Where: Harajuku, close to where Bou works - La Foret , Day 5 (I believe)
Rating: G
Summary: Bou meets Teru on the streets and makes Teru an AP model because Teru is perfect.

"I'm going on my lunch break now manager-san!" Bou called out as he opened the door.

Bou happily went down to the ground floor and walked out decked in his lolita wear.  He felt so happy today!  Recently, two days ago, a customer had came in and bought a lot of things.  As a reward, manager-san had given Bou a small bonus.  Today, Bou was going to treat himself to a Italian lunch!  Bou did a happy dance right there on the streets.

Everyone looked at him weird.

"Italian lunch, Italian lunch~" Bou sang.  "I'm gonna have some delicious pasta today~"  Unfortunately, Bou never looks forward whenever he walks and -

"Ah!" Bou cried.
I must have hit someone! He thought in his mind and quickly looked down at whatever he hit/bumped into.

ooc: mod, there's no tag for teru?  DD:
yeonhee;; default


[Reserved] Underaged

Characters: Kwon Jiyong, Lee Seung Ri, Lee Yeon Hee, Park Minyoung
Location: Maze, Day 5, late evening
Rating: TBA
Warning:  ... illegally sneaking into a club? and some language..?
Summary: Yeon Hee attempts to sneak Sueng Ri into Maze with her and Minyoung.. she fails, but Jiyong clears it all up.

Yeon Hee finished putting on her lipgloss and closed the cap before placing it back in her purse. The model was officially ready to enter the doors of Maze with Ri and Minyoung; here they would see Jiyong so she was making sure she looked perfect, but that effortless type of perfection.

Her long hair was down and curled lightly, falling below her shoulders. She wore a long black, backless top, dark colored tight jeans and the black heels she had just got on her last shopping spree, topped off with a bunch of necklaces that seemed to bring the whole outfit together. Yes, she looked hot and she was pleased.

"Just stay close to me, okay Ri?" she asked holding on to his arm; she wanted to call Jiyong to have his help to sneak the underaged boy in, but thanks to a certian idiot she no longer had it in her phone (she had it memorized, but she needed something to talk about and asking for the number would be a great way to do it).  Maybe it the bouncers saw him with her they wouldn't really check him and they'd be able to enter smoothly... one could only hope things went as she planned.


[OPEN] just another night.

Characters: Horikita Maki and anyone that might happen to need a drink.
Location: bar; day five; near midnight
Rating: --
Warning: Lots of language on my side. Dx
Summary: Just another boring night.

Maki. Was. Bored.

Honestly, she couldn't believe how bored she was. She sighed, finding herself with another bowl of squashed up peanuts as she laid her cheek against her hand, staring out at the sea of people that had drifted into the bar tonight. She wasn't really hungry tonight, so she didn't think of them as food as she stared at them. All Maki could think about was how annoyingly boring those people are, with nothing to do but to sit at a bar and drink.

She turned away and faced her reflection. Just a few more hours to go.

Jan. 3rd, 2009



Characters: Masuda Takahisa & Kamenashi Kazuya
Location & Time: Streets of Nakano, Tokyo. 11 AM, Day 5
Rating: G
Warnings: -
Summary: Massu receives the call he's been waiting for.

Massu crossed the empty street, with a slightly heavier heart and stomach than he had set out of home with almost five and a half hours ago. He was having an off day today - which usually made him happier - but for some reason, he wasn't in the mood for the usual Day-Off Activity aka bowling which explained why he wasn't going into the Plaza but it also left him with nothing much to do. His mind returned to two days ago, at a supermarket where he had been sent to deliver promotional stock and by coincidence, was reunited with another hunter he had met almost a decade ago.

Kamenashi Kazuya. Where was he and what was he doing now? He wished the other man would contact him, even if it was to say he didn't need Massu's help after all.

His cellphone buzzed. Massu dug it out of his pocket and without even checking the caller ID, answered the call. It was him.


[RESERVED] Honesty Is The Best Policy... Really

Characters: Masuda Takahisa & Park MinYoung
Location & Time: Apartment building in Bunkyo, Tokyo. 6.30 A.M., Day 5
Rating: G
Warnings: -
Summary: Massu finds that honesty really does pay off.

Massu pouted slightly as he stared at the card in his hand. He took one step up the stairs and nearer to the solution to his - for lack of a better word - problem. Though he had absolutely no idea just why returning someone's lost item could possibly be a problem. Especially when it was already agreed on that once he returned said lost item, said problem would be solved.

'I don't... want to go up there.' He thought, childishly.

'Return it, idiot.' His personal voice of justice chided.

Okay, really, here was the deal: A pretty lady dropped her identity card because he, so clumsily, bumped into her (though he wasn't really sure it was his fault... who was he kidding - of course it was his fault!) and before he could return it on the spot, she had already vanished. Someone more responsible than he was might have given it back that very day but Massu had been so busy, he hadn't had time to trudge all the way down to Bunkyo.

"Okay. I'm gonna do this. I will do this." Massu almost vowed.

He marched up the steps and was almost about to knock, wholeheartedly on the door when it opened.

Jan. 2nd, 2009




Characters: Bou & Key
Where: Shinjuku?
Rating: G
Warning[s]: None so far!  Except for two pretty boys hanging around each other could be of potential danger. ^^
Summary:  Bou bumps into Key on the streets and they become friends. ^^

"Hm, what should I eat for dinner tonight?" Bou asked himself happily.

Bou had just got off work and was heading home when he realized he didn't have any food in the fridge.  So he quickly hurried over to the convience store and was currently deciding  what to eat.

"Onigiri?  Or maybe... a sandwich.  I'll go with the onigiri!" He decided.
Bou grabbed a bottle of water before making his way to the cashier and paying.

He happily walked out of the convience store and was walking home when suddenly,

Oof!  Bou bumped into someone and stumbled.
"Ah! So sorry!" He cried.

Jan. 1st, 2009

knock out


[RESERVED] Moon Chaser

Characters: Park Jungsu and TOP
Location: The streets of Shibuya, afternoon of Day 4.
Rating: PG (for now)
Warning: Not complete.
Summary: Jungsu's been feeling like he's been followed for a while now... Start of an MSN log, will be finishing it up in comments.

Jungsu sighed as he made his way out of his apartment building and onto the busy afternoon streets of Tokyo. He'd just woken up after a long, mostly-boring night of hunting, and he needed to go get his coffee fix. He ruffled the fingers of one hand back through his hair as he headed toward the nearest cafe, sunglasses in place once more, though he was on high alert.

He'd been getting a strange feeling whenever he was out in public, lately... like he was being watched.Collapse )


[RESERVED] The Idol I Didn't Know

Characters: Masuda Takahisa & Tegoshi Yuya
Location & Time: Nightclub in Tokyo, 8PM, Day 4
Rating: G
Warnings: -
Summary: Massu meets one Tegoshi Yuya while out delivering. Only, he doesn't know that he's supposed to know who that is.


Massu winced at the deafening racket, credited to the hundreds of Japanese youth going wild as well as the huge boom speakers that were placed in every corner of the vast dance floor, each of which were currently blasting pop rock from all the way back to the 80s. 

‘Definitely not my scene.’ He decided as he made his way to the VIP backstage section where the performers whom he was supposed to deliver food to – as a favour to the curry rice stall uncle whom had given him plenty of meals on the house – were lounging. The bouncer guarding the curtain leading backstage scanned his Visitor’s Pass as if he was looking for germs before giving him a curt nod and (grudgingly) pulled back the curtain for Massu to pass. 

Not knowing exactly where he was supposed to deliver the food to – and not sure that he wanted to ask the bouncer for directions either – Massu just floated along with the containers of food packed into boxes of which were stacked neatly (and safely) onto a small trolley. The VIP area was actually a long stretch of corridor which had door-sized holes to its left and right, all of which were blanketed by shimmery blackish-blue curtains. 

Black and blue seemed to be the theme of the night; it dominated the entire nightclub now that he thought about it. It made the place seem... anonymous. Finding one of the partitions open instead of covered like all the others, Massu pushed the small trolley inside, hopeful that it was the kitchen where the performers’ would have their managers or runners to collect the food. He was out of luck; inside was a metal rack of clothes on wheels amongst a mess of discarded clothes, combs, accessories and hair stylers and at the end, a huge mirror bordered with big flashing light bulbs.

This was no kitchen. It was where the celebrities of the night would primp themselves to look gorgeous and stunning and ready for the limelight. Just like that girl who was sitting at the dressing table, directing her eyebrows with a comb. Massu couldn’t help but stare. When was the last time he had combed his eyebrows? Just then the gir---

 “Oh.” Was what he said the moment the person at the dressing table (because until he was sure, he was not going to say anything) turned slightly and their eyes met. “Ohh...” He repeated. Bowing slightly, “Sumimasen deshita... I was looking for the kitchen...” 

The pers--- the boy turned around. No, he wasn’t a boy but not that much younger than Massu was either. 

And that was the first time Massu laid his eyes on Tegoshi.

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