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[RESERVED] The Idol I Didn't Know

Characters: Masuda Takahisa & Tegoshi Yuya
Location & Time: Nightclub in Tokyo, 8PM, Day 4
Rating: G
Warnings: -
Summary: Massu meets one Tegoshi Yuya while out delivering. Only, he doesn't know that he's supposed to know who that is.


Massu winced at the deafening racket, credited to the hundreds of Japanese youth going wild as well as the huge boom speakers that were placed in every corner of the vast dance floor, each of which were currently blasting pop rock from all the way back to the 80s. 

‘Definitely not my scene.’ He decided as he made his way to the VIP backstage section where the performers whom he was supposed to deliver food to – as a favour to the curry rice stall uncle whom had given him plenty of meals on the house – were lounging. The bouncer guarding the curtain leading backstage scanned his Visitor’s Pass as if he was looking for germs before giving him a curt nod and (grudgingly) pulled back the curtain for Massu to pass. 

Not knowing exactly where he was supposed to deliver the food to – and not sure that he wanted to ask the bouncer for directions either – Massu just floated along with the containers of food packed into boxes of which were stacked neatly (and safely) onto a small trolley. The VIP area was actually a long stretch of corridor which had door-sized holes to its left and right, all of which were blanketed by shimmery blackish-blue curtains. 

Black and blue seemed to be the theme of the night; it dominated the entire nightclub now that he thought about it. It made the place seem... anonymous. Finding one of the partitions open instead of covered like all the others, Massu pushed the small trolley inside, hopeful that it was the kitchen where the performers’ would have their managers or runners to collect the food. He was out of luck; inside was a metal rack of clothes on wheels amongst a mess of discarded clothes, combs, accessories and hair stylers and at the end, a huge mirror bordered with big flashing light bulbs.

This was no kitchen. It was where the celebrities of the night would primp themselves to look gorgeous and stunning and ready for the limelight. Just like that girl who was sitting at the dressing table, directing her eyebrows with a comb. Massu couldn’t help but stare. When was the last time he had combed his eyebrows? Just then the gir---

 “Oh.” Was what he said the moment the person at the dressing table (because until he was sure, he was not going to say anything) turned slightly and their eyes met. “Ohh...” He repeated. Bowing slightly, “Sumimasen deshita... I was looking for the kitchen...” 

The pers--- the boy turned around. No, he wasn’t a boy but not that much younger than Massu was either. 

And that was the first time Massu laid his eyes on Tegoshi.

Tags: !discontinued, c: masuda takahisa, dropped: tegoshi yuya, r: g/pg
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