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Park Jungsu.

[RESERVED] Moon Chaser

Characters: Park Jungsu and TOP
Location: The streets of Shibuya, afternoon of Day 4.
Rating: PG (for now)
Warning: Not complete.
Summary: Jungsu's been feeling like he's been followed for a while now... Start of an MSN log, will be finishing it up in comments.

Jungsu sighed as he made his way out of his apartment building and onto the busy afternoon streets of Tokyo. He'd just woken up after a long, mostly-boring night of hunting, and he needed to go get his coffee fix. He ruffled the fingers of one hand back through his hair as he headed toward the nearest cafe, sunglasses in place once more, though he was on high alert.

He'd been getting a strange feeling whenever he was out in public, lately... like he was being watched.

TOP had his favorite pair of black sunglasses on as he tailed the same hunter he had been for the past few weeks. He yawned a bit a he trailed far enough behind the other that he remained unnoticed. He frowned a bit at the Jungsu's choice of a cafe to walk into. The cafe wasn't crowded nor was it big enough for him to inter with out the other noticing; he'd have to stay out here and wait for him to come out.

TOP groaned. He hated waiting... but he had to. Whatever; it was worth it.

Jungsu stepped back out of the cafe a moment later, one large iced white lightning- espresso and white chocolate- grasped in one hand-- but he didn't so much step out of the cafe as into someone. "Oh, sorry," he said quickly, ducking his head in apology.

"Ow" TOP barely was able to resist the urge to yell at whoever had bumped into him, when he realized just who had bumped into him.

'Shit..' he thought to himself. TOP was never really one to make mistakes, yet here in the span of no more than a few minutes he had made two major ones: One, he stood in the doorway where Jungsu was bound to walk through. and two... he allowed it to happen. There was not much he could do now; the other was bound to notice him...

Jungsu's eyes widened behind his sunglasses as he glanced up at the other man's face, but then he was squinting. " I know you?"

"Nope. I don't believe so." TOP shifted a bit and looked away from Jungsu, making sure not to make eye contact; maybe if he didn't look at him he wouldn't get his cover blown? Fat chance for that though,

A black straw met pursed lips so he could get some of the much-needed espresso into his system, and Jungsu cocked his head to one side. "I dunno... don't see many Koreans in this part of town..."

TOP shrugged, "Mere coincidence?" he offered trying to get to a point in the conversation that he could just slip away... far enough that he could still follow the other just.. this time not be stupid enough to get caught.

"Nope." Jungsu let a smirk form then, reaching up to tap Top's cheek. "I remember you."

"Damn.." he muttered under his breath, cursing a bit; he never got caught following someone; he blamed the fact he hadn't slept in two days.

"So why've you been following me?" Jungsu wondered, nodding toward a nearby park. They could sit and talk there without worrying about being overheard.

TOP shrugged a bit once more, taking a seat on a nearby park bench, "Who said it was you I was following? I could've been following someone else." If his cover was blown then he could at least lie about it.

Jungsu laughed and took a seat next to the younger man. "'re a horrible liar."

TOP made a face, snorting a bit as he removed his sunglasses, putting them away. "And you're not very observant, but you don't see me pointing that out." he stated, talking about how the other hunter hadn't even notice him following him until they bumped into each other just moments ago.

"I knew someone was following me," Jungsu attested, crossing his legs at the ankles. "Just didn't know if it was you or one of them."

"So you were aware someone was following you, and you did nothing about it?" He raised a brow, "Had I been one of them, I could've easily over taken you; you had so many moments where it would have been easy." He rolled his eyes a bit.

"I could have taken them." And it was probably true. Jungsu had more experience as a hunter than anyone else he knew, honestly.
Tags: !discontinued, dropped: park jungsu (eeteuk), dropped: top, r: g/pg
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