gyozarabu (gyozarabu) wrote in eternallife_rpg,

[RESERVED] Honesty Is The Best Policy... Really

Characters: Masuda Takahisa & Park MinYoung
Location & Time: Apartment building in Bunkyo, Tokyo. 6.30 A.M., Day 5
Rating: G
Warnings: -
Summary: Massu finds that honesty really does pay off.

Massu pouted slightly as he stared at the card in his hand. He took one step up the stairs and nearer to the solution to his - for lack of a better word - problem. Though he had absolutely no idea just why returning someone's lost item could possibly be a problem. Especially when it was already agreed on that once he returned said lost item, said problem would be solved.

'I don't... want to go up there.' He thought, childishly.

'Return it, idiot.' His personal voice of justice chided.

Okay, really, here was the deal: A pretty lady dropped her identity card because he, so clumsily, bumped into her (though he wasn't really sure it was his fault... who was he kidding - of course it was his fault!) and before he could return it on the spot, she had already vanished. Someone more responsible than he was might have given it back that very day but Massu had been so busy, he hadn't had time to trudge all the way down to Bunkyo.

"Okay. I'm gonna do this. I will do this." Massu almost vowed.

He marched up the steps and was almost about to knock, wholeheartedly on the door when it opened.
Tags: !complete, c: masuda takahisa, dropped: park minyoung, r: g/pg
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