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Characters: Eeteuk and TOP
Location: Some sketchy area in Tokyo, late evening, Day 5
Rating: PG-13
Warning: (Optional) some violence and a lack of gun knowledge (by the muns)
Summary: Eeteuk waits until nightfall to go hunting for the vampire he'd been hearing about, and TOP decides to follow to be helpful.

Eeteuk waited until the sun had fallen, before pulling on his long black coat and strapping on all of his various weapons. He'd caught word of a nearby vampire, and was hoping that it might be the one he was hoping to find. That was what he always hoped. To find the one responsible for his brother's death. He pulled his shiny awesome motorcycle out of the garage before climbing on to it and zooming off.

TOP was on his motorcycle, just as Eeteuk was, but much farther away. He was close enough that he had a close watch on the other, but far enough that he wouldn't be able to be seen. TOP was a trained hunter and very skillful when it came to following others without them knowing. He had been following Eeteuk for a while, all the way to Japan. He was here to make sure that he didn't make any foolish mistakes and get himself killed. Finally when the other hunter had got a move on TOP slid on his favorite shades, not because he needed to shade his eyes necessarily, he just though they looked cool. Starting up his bike as well, he trailed behind Eeteuk, making sure not to be seen.

Eeteuk zipped down side streets, closing on his prey, but he slowed slightly, his skilled ears picking up a soft sound over that of his own motorcycle. He groaned, frustrated, and slammed on the breaks, stopping his motorcycle in it's tracks. He got off of the bike and turned around, crossing his arms, and frowned, glaring. He couldn't see TOP, but that definitely didn't mean that he wasn't back there.

TOP hit the breaks on his bike, still trying to keep out of sight. It would appear the Eeteuk could tell something was following him, but that didn't necessarily mean that he knew TOP had been following him right? He stayed where he was at hoping that the hunter would just disregard him and keep going; maybe even shake this off as just a feeling of paranoia.

Eeteuk rolled his eyes and rubbed his face in frustration. If he wanted help, he'd ask for it, and he did not want help. He waited a few moments, glaring into the darkness, before giving up and returning to his bike. Obviously, TOP didn't want to reveal himself yet. He must be waiting for the most inconvenient time possible.

TOP smiled to himself, his plan had worked. Mentally patting himself on the back he started up his motorcycle once again and continued to trail the other.

Eeteuk had heard that there was a vampire hiding out in an abandoned building. He'd more than that, about how the vampire treated humans with less respect than dirt, and that he'd been luring them regularly to their death. Eeteuk decided to take it upon himself to stop this once and for all, and tonight was finally the night. He stopped his bike a few blocks away, and hid it in an alley, before creeping towards the building.

TOP sighed as now he had to actually get up; he wasn't really in the mood to get of his motorcycle, but he got off anyway. He followed Eeteuk down the alley silently.. Well… semi-silently; he made a slight sound when his foot kicked a rock accidentally. 'Shit..' Hopefully he hadn't been heard.

Eeteuk stopped walking immediately when he heard the loud noise. He wasn't going to let this continue any further, and he turned around, furiously stalking back towards where he was sure TOP had to be standing.

TOP cursed in his head over and over again; how the hell could he have been so stupid? He was the best at following and tracking and yet he had slipped up. Nice one TOP, nice one. Looking up he saw the furious Eeteuk and tried to be casual, "Hey, funny place running into you, huh?"

"Real funny," Eeteuk replied, clearly not amused. "Do you mind? I'm trying to kill a vampire, and I'd prefer that he didn't know I was coming."

TOP snorted a bit and looked at the other, "Sure you can even do it by yourself?" He was here to make sure the other didn't get hurt, he should have been happy for the back up.

"Of course," Eeteuk replied. "And if I fail..." he shrugged, "Not like anyone will miss me."

He rolled his eyes, "I'm coming anyways." he stated, "If I don't I'll end up bored with the bikes." That was just a cover-up though; honestly he didn't believe that no one would miss him; he was TOP's friend so if anything went wrong, he sure of hell would have.

"Just don't do anything stupid," Eeteuk replied, having anticipated what the other's response would be, "I don't really want to end up that vamp's dinner."

"I should be telling you that." he snorted walking ahead of Eeteuk, "Now hurry up; you're being slow."

Eeteuk hurried ahead of TOP and pulled his gun from the holder. "Shut up." Top was seriously distracting him from his mission.

TOP decided to get serious about the situation and went into hunting mode; now his steps were not even audible, and he was entirely focused on one thing, that vampire. He motion for the other to follow him; maybe if TOP lead this then things would get done faster. Now he just need cooperation.

Eeteuk rolled his eyes, and fell back beside TOP, also getting serious. He crept forward, and nudged the door to the abandoned building open with his foot, gun out and ready.

He had his hand on his own gun, ready to pull it out at any time. He slowly walked in after the other, ears perked up to hear the slightest movement and jump at it.

Creeping slowly inside, Eeteuk looked around, peering into the darkness. It was so quiet that they'd be able to hear a pin drop, and so dark... Suddenly, there was a soft noise, possibly a footstep far off in the distance, and Eeteuk turned, aiming both guns into the darkness.

TOP's ears perked at the sound and immediately turned in that direction; glancing over at Eeteuk he was sure that he had heard it too. He crept toward the area cloaked in darkness, his gun pointed in front of him, ready to shoot; when the thing that had mad the noise appeared. He aimed his gun at it but sighed putting it back down and shaking his head. "Its just a damn cat." he muttered feeling stupid as the cat rubbed itself against his leg, purring lightly.

"Well at least you didn't shoot it by mistake," Eeteuk responded quietly, moving from his place behind and to the side of TOP to creep further into the building, guns pointed to either side of him. "He's got to be here, where else..."

TOP let his eyes dart around the room searching; Eeteuk was right, he just had to be here somewhere. It was now just a matter of finding the blood sucker. "Hey," he said, his voice hushed just incase that thing was listening, "Lets try up stairs?" he pointed at the staircase when he was sure that it wasn’t in the room.

Eeteuk nodded, motioning for the other to go first. He guarded their backs as they walked slowly up the stairs, and froze suddenly when a stair creaked loudly under TOP's foot.

"Shit." TOP cursed under his breath at the loud noise; how the hell was he so careless? He heard something move up stairs; no doubt it was coming for them. "Get ready." he told the other raising his guns.

Eeteuk growled under his breath as he readied his guns. He'd be pissed at TOP later.

A loud growl was their only warning before the vampire leapt right at them. It was clear that he had lost any shred of humanity just by the look in his eyes, a look that Eeteuk noticed only a moment before he shot it in the head.

TOP kicked at the fallen blood sucker to make sure it was down for good; it seemed that way but one couldn't take chances with the undead, "What are you waiting for?” he said, looking at Eeteuk, “It's your kill; finish it off."

Eeteuk leaned down, pulling a long knife out of his boot, and handed it handle first to TOP. "Go for it."

TOP took the knife rolling his eyes, "What's with you? Backing out of it all ready?" he inquired, teasing him lightly, "I thought you 'didn't want any help'; not that I mind." He played with the knife, looking over at that thing on the floor.

"I just thought you'd be pissed off that I killed him before you even got the chance to shoot your gun." Eeteuk replied, reaching for the knife. "I can do it."

"No." TOP held onto the knife; if he let Eeteuk do it he'd never let it go, "I can do it myself, I just though you'd want to do it since it was your target; I was being nice. But now that I think about it I want to do it myself."

"Fine," Eeteuk replied, folding his arms and stepping back, having already returned his guns to thier holders. "Have fun."

It took TOP no time at all to finish the job. All it took was one swift swing of the long knife and that was it; the vampire was decapitated, there was no way that it could come back from that; their job was done. "There." he said wiping the blade clean and handing it back to the other hunter.

Eeteuk nodded in thanks, putting his knife away, then stretched. "Well that was easy," he commented, looking around, "Too bad we're probably too late to save any of his... victims."

TOP sighed; it was true, it seemed that they were too late. "But hey, at least we got to him; now he can't hurt anyone else."

Sighing, Eeteuk turned and started walking back down the stairs.
Tags: !complete, c: park jungsoo (eeteuk), dropped: top, r: pg-13
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