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[RESERVED] Lesson One...

Characters: Han Seung Yeon, Taeyang
Location: Seung Yeon's house on the outskirts of Tokyo, Day 5, late evening
Rating: PG...
Warning: None really...
Summary: Taeyang goes to see how Seung Yeon trains; ends up getting stuck there overnight.

Taeyang: It was a long train ride, much longer than he expected. He had hoped to arrive to her house before dusk, but the setting sun was already just a sliver behind the trees. It was comfortable here, quiet and calm... it suited him well compared to the hustle-and-bustle of the city life.
He sighed and looked at the napkin with the neatly written address. Glancing up at the gate, Taeyang suddenly felt out of place here. He should have suspected something when the girl had told him the gate was open, but no, his simple mind only thought about a small white-picket fence gate. This gate was huge; sharp, iron bars with what looked to be a family crest in the center.
Too late to turn back, He thought pushing the gate with surprising strength then slipped into the property.

Seung Yeon: Seung Yeon breathed in the nightair. She walked up to her horse Snowflake and let him out of his stall.
"Come on girl. Time for some exersize."
She hold on tight to the crossbow in her hand while climbing up her horse. She wanted to make sure the crossbow worked before Youngbae came over.
She drove with her horse into the woods a little, cause she wanted to make sure she could hit her target from as far aas possible.
She grabbed the crossbow and focussed on the target. She made her shot but didnt hit the target.
She looked around first and then focussed on teh target again. She had it right in her sight and this time it hitted the target in the bullseye.
She continues to fire some crosses at the target.

Taeyang: Taeyang glanced around for Seung Yeon. Common sense gave him the urge to knock on the front door, but instead he began to wander around the yard. He neared the woods when he noticed strange tracks. Kneeling down, he reached out and touched them. He never saw this type of track before, but the animal that made it was large and had-- his attention shifted away from the tracks just in time for him
to yank his hand away from the ground - an arrow penatrated the soil in the dead center of the track. He stood up, tensed and scanned over the woods; his ears beginning to pick up hoofsteps then a snap of a crossbow.

"Shi-" He threw himself to the ground, barely managing to escape an arrow through the head. "What the..." He lifted his head up; Seung Yeon had remembered he was coming right?

Seung Yeon: Her horse picked up a sound. She was so focussed on the target she saw Taeyang to late and almost hit him with an arrow.
"Come on Snowflake." She made teh horse ride her back to the yard.
She stopped infront of Youngbae who was lying on teh ground to escape the arrow.
"Taeyang, Im so sorry. Are you alright? Are you hurt?" She stepped off Snowflake to examine Taeyang closer on the ground, hoping she didnt just murdered him or something.

Taeyang: He spat out a piece of grass; "Yeah, I'm fi-" He spat again and got up, glancing at the girl and then at the arrow. Finally his attention fell on the white horse; he had to do a double-take to make sure it was real. So that's where the tracks came from....

"I'm fine..." He mumbled, wiping his face as he stared at the horse for a few moments. "...were you aiming for me?" Taeyang pulled the arrow
out of the ground, examining it.

Seung Yeon:
"Im so sorry. I didnt meant to. I was just...trying out something new I made."
She wanted to show him the crossbow, but saw Taeyang focussed on something else, her horse.
"This is Snowflake! I have her since I was six." she said with a smile.
"Come on Snowflake say hi to the nice guy." she made Snowflake standing infront of Taeyang.
"You can pet her, its ok. She wont bite." She kinda had to laugh at Taeyangs face. He looked so surprised as if he never seen a horse before.

Taeyang: His eyes moved from the arrow to the horse; "Snowflake," He reached out and gently stroked the horse along the nose. A small smile was on his lips for a moment before he glanced at Seung Yeon. Suddenly he felt embarrassed; he quit petting the animal and shoved the arrow into her hand.

Seung Yeon:
She took the arrow. "Thanks." She looked around to find the other arrows and picked them up. She studied the one who had made his way through the target, seeing it went right through it.
She smiled satisfied. "Did you ever ride on a horse before? She asked Taeyang while pulling out the arrow.

Taeyang: "No..." And he wasn't about to. This animal towered over him. Glancing back to Seung Yeon again, he felt a strange sinking sensation in his stomach. <i>Focus,</i> He told himself and forced himself to look over at her target. "How many arrows did you shoot?" He asked; if he wasn't the target... his thoughts trailed off.

Seung Yeon
: She looked at him with a smile. "About five I think. They were kinda off. Only one hit the actual target."
She looked at Snowflake and grabbed the arrows and the crossbow again. "On a vampire hunt these arrows will be all silver. But its better to practise with these."
She looked at him again, but everytime she looked his way she felt her face burning up, like she was blushing, so she looked back at Snowflake again and petted her.
"Would you....like to come and ride on her...with me? I could show you where I was shooting from." she added quickly. "And maybe you like to try it too?"

Taeyang: He nodded a little bit as she spoke about her practice. Next time, he would bring his books he grew up with for her to read. "Regular arrows work fine against them if you hit them in the heart," He explained softly, eying the horse as he spoke. "Silver works against werewolves I think..." He never dealt with those things...he wasn't even sure if <b>those</b> were real, but if there was vampires..
it was plausible that there were werewolves as well.

He stepped away from the horse, trying to appear comfortable near it. Petting it was one thing, but riding was a whole another story. If his feet weren't touching the ground, Taeyang didn't like it. "I'll....walk..."

Seung Yeon: "yeah." she said while putting the arrows back in a bag and flipped it over her shoulder.
She examined Taeyangs face. "You arent scared to ride on her, are you?" she said with a little giggle.
She climbed back on top of Snowflake and stuck out her hand. "Trust me, you are perfectly safe up here. She didnt threw me off for a long time now." she giggled again.

Taeyang: "My feet like the ground," He replied, "It's very comfortable down here. Where to?" Taeyang pulled his jacket closer to him and smiled, hoping she wouldn't try to get him up there.

Seung Yeon: She giggled looking at him and stepped off Snowflake. "Sure, your feet like the ground. If I didnt know any better I would say you are scared." she grinned while saying it.
She put down the arrows and the crossbow. "Hold on." She ran with Snowflake to the stall and placed her in it. "Be good girl and watch the house while Im gone ok?"
She kissed Snowflake on her nose and ran back to Taeyang. "Ok, Im ready to go."
"This way!" she pointed at a direction leading into the woods and started to walk to it.

Taeyang: He clucked his tongue when she had ran off with the horse. Him?....Scared? Of a horse?... No.

He was scared of falling off of it and breaking his neck.

When she returned, he smiled a little. She looked so tiny... innocent... nothing like what a hunter should be. Then again, neither was he. Looking at her, he kept seeing Yeon Hee...

The man followed after her, trying to keep his mind

professional. Even her walk was similar to his high school sweetheart. Could she even be called that, he wondered while he gazed at Seung Yeon.

Seung Yeon:
She suddenly stopped and turned around to look up at Taeyang. He seemed to be in deep thoughts and she was wondering what he was thinking about.
"Here it is. Im trying which ways would be best for surprise attacks." she said smiling.
She handed him teh crossbow and handed him an arrow. "Ok show me what you got."

Taeyang: When the items were placed in his hands, his mind had wandered so far to the point that he was imaging Yeon Hee there, and her hands slipped into his. When Seung Yeon spoke, he was ripped from his vision of Yeon Hee; her hands changed into the hard bow and arrow. A wave of disappointment came over his face for a slight moment.

"Target's over there, right?" He questioned, gesturing with his head
as he lifted the bow.

Seung Yeon: She didnt really know what was going on with him, but it felt strange and somehow she didnt liked it.
"Yes." she just said and looked over there.
She pulled her jacket closer to her and folded her arms and looked at the target, but wasnt really paying attention.
She was worried she maybe said something wrong or that he maybe didnt even liked her at all and just felt oblicated to come train with her.
Maybe it wasnt such a good idea to invite someone over, especially boys. Complicated, that was what her sister had called them. And stupid. Which of course ended up in a fight between her brother and her. Which made her smile a little.

Taeyang: He glanced at her, noticing a worried expression on her adorable face and mumbled an apology; "Sorry, this place just brings memories back." After giving her a little smile, he wondered what had made a twitch of happiness form on her face - he was certain it wasn't his apology.

    Lifting the bow and arrow to correct position, he pulled the string back and focused through the trees at the target.

Seung Yeon: She vaguely heard him apologize. "Its fine." she heard herself say. She looked through the trees, trying to see if he hit the target.
Another chilly wind went through the woods. She pulled her jacket even more up and gave another arrow to Taeyang. Well atleast he apologized, so maybe he is not <b>stupid</b> afterall.
Next question was, what could possibly bring back memories to him while being here and what kind? She stared at her shoes for a moment. She should pobably dont need to worry so much. Thats what her mother would say.
So she concentrated on where the arrow went when he fired it again.

Taeyang: Again when he released the arrow it hit his chosen spot. Taeyang let the bow down, admiring his work. It had to have been about two years since he had worked with a crossbow. He dared to smile; he was pleased. Then he noticed a stinging pain flowing up his arm. The ban of the bow had slapped against his skin, bringing a bright red to his tan skin as a welt began to grow.
"...ow..." He rubbed it gingerly. When he was younger, the smack of the bowstring had become nothing but a tap from the overabuse he provided to himself there. But it had been years and his skin's toughness had dwindled.

Seung Yeon: "Nice one!" she nodded and then looked at him. "Ow...are you ok? Lets go inside I have a first aid kit."
She kneeled down and grabbed the bag with arrows and flung it over her shoulder. She lead him back to the house again and opend the door for him to the kitchen.
She put on the light and took out the first aid kit from the shelf.. She put it on the table infront of her and looked in it and pulled out some bandage.
<i>Ow its hot in here, shouldnt have set the heater so high.</i> she thought while taking off her jacket and then decided to take of her trouser aswell, now only being in a tank top.
"Well lets see." She touched the welt lightly.

Taeyang: He had no choice but to follow her. Snatching up his jacket, he trotted along after her almost like a puppy. "It's not anything to be worried about," It just stung. There was no blood, and in Youngbae's mind, if there wasn't blood - there wasn't danger.

The warmth was nice... the sight was nice too...

He mentally slapped himself for that thought as he stuck out his arm to her. His eyes diverting downwards to the floor - he was trying not to look at her.

Seung Yeon
: She finished bandaging his arm. "There! All done."
She looked around the kitchen and stood up. Placing the first aid kit on its place again. "You want some...tea or something?"
She already filled the teapot with water and put it on the fire.

Taeyang: He admired her bandaging before realizing that she offered for tea. "Oh," Glancing over at the teapot, he smiled slightly. She was quick... "Yeah, tea is nice..." He murmured while looking around the kitchen. "Do you live here alone?"

Seung Yeon
: She smiled a little. "Well...I live here with my aunt and uncle now, but..." she glanced at him a little unsure if she already could tell him about her parents and brother and sister.
"They are on holiday now tho to see my other uncle and aunt." She took out 2 cups for the tea. The water was starting to boil so she took the teapot from the fire and poured it into the cups.
"You want sugar in it?"

Taeyang: "No thank you." When she spoke of her aunt and uncle, he felt a strange sense of relief. It was comforting to know she didn't live alone. His fingers were trailing along the bandage then he reached out, taking a cup of tea from her. "Thank you."

Seung Yeon: She sat down on a chair again and smiled. "What about you? Do you live alone?"
She just realised she actually didnt know anything about him, just that he worked in a diner and that he was a vampire hunter just like her.

And that he was cute. But other then that...nothing.

Taeyang: He shook his head with a smile, "I live with one of my friends... another hunter. I told him that I was coming here to see how you train." Pausing for a moment, Taeyang thought, "I'm sure you'll meet him soon though."

Seung Yeon: She smiled. "Must be nice to live with a friend."
She blew in her tea so she could drink it and sipped from him. "You live...long on your own?"

Taeyang: "It's coming up on two years," He said with a smile, thinking about his life with his roommate. Their wrestling, getting into fights over video games, the paper-rock-scissor games to see who makes dinner... "I don't think I would live any other way."

Seung Yeon:
She nodded. "It sounds really fun."
She took a sip from her tea. "If my aunt and uncle didnt live here I would so look for a roommate too. The house is big enough anyway." she smiled a little and then sighed.

Taeyang: He nodded slightly, "Do you go to Tokyo often?"

Seung Yeon: She sipped her tea again and then nodded slowly. "hmm yeah...I go to school there. Do you go to school?"

Taeyang: "No, college wouldn't agree with me." He shifted slightly and took a sip of the tea, "If you don't mind me asking, why don't you live in Tokyo? It's a long way to travel back and forth nearly every day for school..."

He chuckled with a nod, "I suppose he's like family." Taeyang couldn't help but notice that she never mentioned parents. The logical and senstive side of him told him to keep his mouth shut about it as well - she probably didn't want to talk about it.

Seung Yeon: She nodded slowly again. "Yes, he is one of the few family I have left."

Taeyang: Taeyang went quiet for a moment, repeating her words in his head. Perhaps they were more alike then they knew. "...this tea is good..." He mumbled, breaking the silence between them.

Seung Yeon: She smiled. "Thank you."
"Taeyang...?" she said while looking up to him. "uhh...do you want me to show you around the house?"

She stood up from her chair. "You can...stay here if you like." She started to blush a little. "Bedrooms enough."
She walked out of the kitchen. "This is the livingroom." she smiled a little. "I dont really spend much time in it tho."

Taeyang: "Thank you," He felt a wave of relief when she offered a bedroom, "I don't want to intrude..." His voice trailed off as his eyes fell on photographs on the wall. Stepping towards them, Taeyang glanced at Seung Yeon, "Why not? It seems like a nice place to be..." His eyes went back to the photos and examined them; a man and a woman standing behind a set of three children.

Seung Yeon: "yeah it is." she saw him looking at the pictures and came standing next to him.
"These are my parents...and brother and sister." She pointed at them and smiled. "And thats me." she laughed. "That pink bunny was my favorite toy."

He smiled slightly, although a bad feeling was shadowing over him. "Where are they?" He feared the next word would be dead...

Seung Yeon: She looked away and cleared her throat. "They....they are dead."
She turned around and walked back into the livingroom. "next room?"

Guilt overwhelmed him as the girl walked off. The words I'm sorry wouldn't matter, he knew that, but he still mumbled them. Clearing his throat as well, he followed after her, "Lead the way..."

Seung Yeon: "Its... ok." She lead him up the stairs. "Well here are the bedrooms. This one is..was my brothers. You can use it." she nodded and bit her lip.
"Ow and here.." she opend a room. "..I make the weapons. Some are really old." She picked up a really old one. "I think I made this one when I was six."

He glanced at the door she gestured to that was to be his room for the night. Already he could sense he wouldn't be able to get much sleep tonight. When she lifted a make-shift weapon, he smiled. It was obliviously done by a child, but had much more elegance than any adult's skills he knew. "How long have you been making weapons?"

Seung Yeon
: "Since I was six. That was one of my first I made. Then I started to read more about it, so I would know what were the best weapons to make."
She nodded. "Its actually fun to make them." She smiled. "I hope I can use them soon."

: Chuckling, he began to scan the room over a variety of weapons the girl had made. "Are you tired?" He asked as he turned to her, "We can train a little bit."

Seung Yeon:
"I would love to train with you!" She smiled and looked up at him.

Taeyang: Cute, he nearly mumbled out loud before scratching the back of his head. "Uh, well...lets see how far you are..."

Seung Yeon: She grinned and tossed him a sword. "Show me what you got." She smiled at him and got ready for them to train.

Taeyang: Swords, of course it had to be swords. Even if he could fight with them, he much perferred other means, like his hands and feet. He hated swords...

"Great," He gave her a crooked smile, gently swinging the sword to get used to the weight.  

Seung Yeon: She swinged at him and almost knocked the sword out his hand already. She grinned.
"I can see youre not use the sword much."
She walks up to him and grabs his hand. "Hold it like this ok? So you can swing it better." The  she walked back and stood ready again.

Taeyang: He frowned a little, about to protest that he wasn't ready for that, but in the real world, they always had to be ready for anything. Sighing gently, he tighten his grip and took a stance, prepared for her first move.

Seung Yeon
: She grinned at him. "Ready?" She made her first attack, skillfully swinging the sword at him.

: It was a matter of moments that a majority of his training came back to him, but he continued to be the weaker between them. Using the sword to block, he stepped along carefully as he was taught. Each step they took was as though they were part of a dance. Her strength was surprising and he admired her talent. As their <i>dance</i> continued, he directed his sword in the wrong direction giving
Seung Yeon free range - the blade of her sword pressed against his neck. Breathing heavily, Taeyang let his sword's tip rest against the floor... she beat him.

Seung Yeon
" She came closer to him. "Beat you." She giggled and looked up at him.
"Ok maybe it wasnt that fair cause youre not used to fight with a sword. So show me how you fight." she grinned.

Taeyang: He watched her, "I prefer hand-to-hand combat..." Taking a moment to think, he shook his head a little, "We should get into that until you know how to...I mean, if you... I mean, I take it you haven't had a sparing partner?" Why was he stumbling over such an easy statement?

Seung Yeon: She grinned at him. "Wanna find out?" Altho it wasnt her strongest point, she could fight a little and was flwxible enough and had the right reflexes. So she should be good right?
She looked at him.

Looking at her, he nodded a little bit and promised himself to go easy on her. He took a couple steps away from her, "Ready?" A little smile was on his lips.

Seung Yeon: She looked back at him and smiled. "Ready!" She stood ready in a fighting position, trying to ready herself for whats coming, altho she trusted him enough that he wouldnt hurt her.

Taeyang: Awkward. That was the feeling he had as he looked at her; he knew he was to train her, but how could he hit a <b>girl</b>? Especially when he knew nothing about her reflexes or how she handled pain. Finally, he let out a breath he was holding and came towards her. Just as he was about to hit, he froze in mid-step...

Seung Yeon: She reacted as quick as she can and hit him in teh face. She was a little surprised and looked at him kinda giggling at his face.

Taeyang: He blinked.

What...just happened...

His hand reached up and gently touched where she had hit him. That kind of hurt. It was nothing compared to what he was used to, but it was much more powerful that he would have expected. But he smiled, amused that she had actually hit him.


Seung Yeon: She grinned at him. "That went better then I expected. Are you ok?" she grinned again and looked up at me.
"I think I like this style too. You should show me more."

Taeyang: He chuckled, standing up straight as he rubbed his cheek. "I'm fine..." He replied simply. There was no way he was going to let her believe this was how he fought, but he couldn't fight her. "I can show you moves..." He murmured, catching her arm and twisting her around quickly, making sure not to hurt her as he pulled her backwards; closer to him.

Seung Yeon: She felt how he pulled her closer. "ow.." It made her blush. She hoped he didnt see it. She tried to remember something she saw on TV about selfdefense. She tried to turn around, but it went wrong so she fell in his arms.
"That...wasnt...suppose to..happen." she giggled a little.

Taeyang: Chuckling again, he lifted her back to her feet. "Lets try again..." He copied his actions from before, but slowly, making sure to explain how he was doing it. When he had her close to him again, he directed her on how to escape the trap.

Seung yeon: She listend how to escape again and tried again. This time it worked out perfectly and freed herself from him. "It worked!" She smiled and laughed. "This is fun." She nodded while saying this.

Taeyang: He didn't want to admit it, but he was having fun too. "Its always different in real life," He murmured, damping the mood on accident. Clearing his throat, he scratched the back of his head and glanced around the room again.

Seung yeon: She looked at him. "uh yeah I guess youre right...." She looked around too. "ehm do you wanna try out some other stuff or do you want to go to bed?" She glanced at the clock and noticed it was getting pretty late.

Taeyang: His eyes followed her eyeline to the clock. "I suppose bed would be best..." He glanced at her, "You don't mind me using your brother's room for the night?"

Seung Yeon: "No, its fine." she smiled at him and lead him back to the bedrooms. "Here it is." She pointed at the door. "uh so if you need anything....my room is across from yours." She pointed at her door.

Taeyang: He nodded a little and bowed, giving her thanks for letting him stay. "If I need anything..." He trailed off and smiled, "I know where you are. Thank you...and good night."

Seung Yeon: She smiled a little and made a bow too. "Sweet dreams." She pushed open her door and walked in it. She waved at him and then closed her door.

Taeyang: He stared at her closed door for a moment then disappeared into his temporary bedroom. He could tell it was going to be a long night....

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