peachxxmango (peachxxmango) wrote in eternallife_rpg,

{RESERVED] because journalists don't work behind the lenses

Characters: Go Ara and Kim Ryeowook
Location: grocery store, morning
Rating: G
Summary: The journalist needs some pictures.


It was going to be a long day, Ara knew, since there was a shoot that was so large that her shishou needed her present to help. So of course, after grabbing her camera and bento, the first place she headed to before going to the studio was the local grocery store a few blocks away from her apartment.


It was a chilly day, and the instant she stepped into the heated store, she felt warmth envelope her body. Ara grabbed a basket and quickly bought the things she wanted.


Energy drink…sour gummy worms…chocolate bar…


Five minutes later, she found herself at the check out counter, watching the cashier scan the items she had bought.

Tags: !discontinued, dropped: go ara, dropped: kim ryeowook
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