Toda Erika (sweetyhunbun) wrote in eternallife_rpg,
Toda Erika

[RESERVED] There's a continuation for everything...

Characters: Toda Erika and Masuda Takahisa
Location: A cafe near her university, around 7 a.m.
Rating: G
Warning: (Optional) None
Summary: Erika met Massu for the second time

It was still early in the morning yet Erika had took her seat inside a cafe. She happened to wake up much earlier than usual and thought about using her time wisely, wisely as in spending it to have a nice coffee.

Her class would be started in an hour and she was sitting leisurely in a table in the middle side of the cafe. A cup of hot tea was placed right in front of her while she looked at it happily. One, two, three.. When she realized it, she had put three packs of sugar inside her coffee. Perfect. Milk was the only thing needed to be added, yet she couldn't find any around her. Sighing, she slowly stood up to approach the counter, hoping to get her milk...
Tags: c: masuda takahisa, c: toda erika
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