Toda Erika (sweetyhunbun) wrote in eternallife_rpg,
Toda Erika

[RESERVED] first day working

Characters: Toda Erika and Sakurai Sho
Location: Sho's office building, noon
Rating: g
Warning: (Optional) none
Summary: first day for her part-time job, and Erika had to meet Sho from Sakurai's family

It was purely intentional that Erika decided to seek for a job.
It was accidental that she applied at Sakurai family's place (the family which had been her family's rival)
It was a big surprise when she was accepted without any much problem.

And that was why Erika was able to start her new job for today. Nervous, yes. She didn't really know how to place herself inside the company anyway.

A note was given to her, and she should look for this room number to meet her new partner. But, being alone in this big building, Erika found it hard to arrive at the mentioned room. Every places looked just the same in her eyes.

After a long time of searching, Erika was finally standing in front of the door. Taking a deep breath, Erika knocked two times before opening the door, ready to meet her partner

[OOC : sorry if it's rather messy.. >.<]
Tags: !complete, c: sakurai sho, c: toda erika
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