Henry Lau (刘宪华/劉憲華) (sereneshadows) wrote in eternallife_rpg,
Henry Lau (刘宪华/劉憲華)

[RESERVED] So we meet,

Characters: Ohkura Tadayoshi, Henry Lau
Location: Henry's office, Ohkura's house - university campus
Rating: PG-13
Warning: ... probably violence? idk
Summary: Henry chances upon a website requesting information about vampires, and his curiosity has him helping

Having settled on his new apartment and his roommates rather quickly days ago, Henry was faced with the task of moving his items over. Easy as it was for him to pick out the essential items and carry them across rooftops, procrastination struck at the wrong moment. Amid the chaos that was the Secret Execution Police Force's (SEPF) headquarters, his office was a quiet haven of clutter. It wasn't that he disliked the new apartment, but work was work - and it was office hours at that moment, even if the rules did not normally apply to him. Fingers swiftly flew over his keyboard as his eyes scanned the google page: vampire, garlic, wooden stake, midnight, blood, hunter. Freezing for a milisecond, he reread the keywords over and over again - vampire hunter, information needed.

Curious, he entered the site and quickly hacked into the server. Briefly browsing through the information, he opened up numerous browsers to identify the person behind the website. He figured that the hunter was not well-connected, let alone well-known, and left the usual hunter channels alone. Ohkura Tadayoshi, 23, full-time student. While the data about Tadayoshi's family indicated that they had stopped dealing with vampires, it did make sense that the child would go against the heads of the family. Fascinating. Grinning happily, Henry pulled up a file dealing with one of the weaker Class E vampires that the government wanted dead and marked it as his target - before sending the necessary information to the hunter. He decided, that helping this vampire hunter was not too bad an idea.

Tags: !discontinued, dropped: henry lau, dropped: ohkura tadayoshi, r: g/pg
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Ohkura went inside his room and turned on his laptop to check how the site he was running. There was nothing new, really. Just like always, he received a couple of information about vampires lurking around the area. He scanned through the several information he received, bookmarking those he thought were true and thrashing those that were obviously fabricated lies.

As he scanned the website, Ohkura noticed a very different yet interesting data sent to him. Unlike the regular ones, the information sent to him were thorough and complete with every details regarding the target. He paused for a while to think over whether he should accept this one. If that was a lie, the sender surely wasted too much of his/her time to come up with something like that.

When do you want this one done? Ohkura typed on his keyboard as a reply to the mysterious sender.
Impatiently drumming his fingers on the table as the seconds ticked by - no, even after two centuries, it never occurred to him that humans didn't move as fast as he did - Henry directed his negative energy towards his bag of books. He had classes in approximately an hour and there was absolutely no way he could skip out on the modules if he wanted enough credits to pass. Somewhat occupied by the gossip his colleagues were exchanging a few cubicles away, Henry almost missed noticing a button flashing on his desktop. So the hunter replied huh. Eagerly reading the reply, he was pleased that the hunter believed him. Not afraid that I might be sending you on an assasination attempt eh?

Pondering over the Tadayoshi's question for a moment, Henry quickly typed his reply: At your own discretion, preferably within the week - though I don't think the vampire's going to do much harm this week, he killed a number of humans the week before. One thing, when you are done, would it be too much trouble to send me a notification so that I could keep track?

He had decided to track the vampire for the week, but it did not hurt to have a vague idea of when it was done - if he did not witness the event himself.
Ohkura patiently waited for an answer as he watched the time on his computer screen change, telling him the remaining time he had left before his class starts that day. Ohkura, although a vampire hunter, had to keep his front as a good university student to prevent his parents from finding out the secret activities he was involved with at night.

He immediately clicked a button as soon as it started blinking and thoroughly read what the sender wanted. Within this week? Ohkura checked the information again one last time to make his mind up whether he could do it within the requested span of time.

I'll do my best to have it done by tonight or tomorrow night. I'll send you a notification as soon as I'm done with it. He typed back before closing his laptop and shoving it inside his backpack to dash towards the university to avoid being late... again.
Having settled into the measured pace of the human world, Henry stretched languidly - thankful that his colleagues were still at it. He never understood why humans could be so intrigued by the glitzy world of Hollywood, but they were humans, who knew? Reading the reply from the hunter, Henry murmured his approval. Within two days was not too bad, especially from a hunter who had not been properly trained and equipped. It also ensured that Henry could spend the rest of the week hunting his other targets.

Replying with a brief - great, Henry grabbed his bag and sauntered out of his office, completely oblivious to the sudden silence that had descended upon everyone. Turning to wink at the receptionist, he yelled a cheery, "I won't bite you, you know!" as he emerged from the side entrance. Calculating the time he had, Henry made it to the university block within the minute and spent the next half an hour in the room looking like the ultimate nerd.
Ohkura was glad that he made it in time before classes began. He almost missed it thanks to the food kiosk proprietor who apparently had no change for the 1000 Yen bill he used to pay for the burger he bought for breakfast.

He entered the room quietly and settled on one vacant seat at the back trying to listen to what the instructor was lecturing. Normally, Ohkura would be very attentive to what the lecture was about but his mind was drifting away trying to remember the details of the recent information he got and how his hunting went the previous night.

Ohkura was almost asleep, eyes already half-lidded before the instructor called out his full name to remind him that the classroom was not meant for sleeping.