kim jaejoong 김재중 (thewinterice) wrote in eternallife_rpg,
kim jaejoong 김재중

[RESERVED] Of unexpected meetings and awkward situations.

Characters: Kim Jaejoong, Haruma Miura
Location: Starbucks, just slightly off the University campus; early afternoon, day 9
Rating: G
Summary: He did not expect to see him there. Nope, not at all.

Paying for his coffee, he scanned the small Starbucks which he has gone into to firstly get out of the cold, and secondly to bide the time until his next lesson. And holding the cup between his hands, he made his way to an empty table next to a window, placing the cup on the table before pulling out a textbook and a foolscap pad and beginning to do some work, bending over his books.
Tags: !discontinued, c: miura haruma, dropped: kim jaejoong, r: g/pg
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