twisted_tenshi (twisted_tenshi) wrote in eternallife_rpg,


Characters: Kitagawa Keiko & Mizushima Hiro
Where:  Somewhere outside Tokyo U
Rating: -
Warning: -
Summary: Hiro hangs around the university and meets Keiko.

It was one of those long days with classes form morning till evening, and it had somewhat made her head aches. Keiko walks down the stairs of Tokyo U and went straight to a bench not far away. Sitting on the bench, she let out a soft sigh and rummage her bag for the sandwich  she bought this afternoon. Her stomach had been growling in protest for the last hour and she couldn't hold it for another hour to fill it when she get home, so sandwich would have to do for now.

Biting on her sandwich, her mind flew to what her lecturer said in class, then it changes into praising how beautiful the evening sky look and how the cold ham tasted so delicious. If there was one thing she can't help herself from doing when she's alone, it was spacing out, her mind just seems to wander by itself.
Tags: !discontinued, c: kitagawa keiko, c: mizushima hiro, r: g/pg
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