twisted_tenshi (twisted_tenshi) wrote in eternallife_rpg,

[reserved] You are a vampire right!

Characters: Matsumoto Jun, Kitagawa Keiko
Location: Library (morning)
Rating: -
Warnings: -
Summary: Keiko meet a real vampire.

There was an hour and a half break before her next class and she was left with nothing to do. And in times like this, there would be one place where she would go, the Library. It was still quite early in the morning since her first class started at seven, so the library was still quite deserted. 

She made her way through the racks of books, pondering on what she should read. Turning to a corner, she came to a side of the library which she had not look at before. It was where the old books were stacked, covered with dust, no one barely comes here since they didn't find the need of those books.

After pulling out a book, she had to step back a bit and coughed as the dust flew around. Covering her mouth, she turned her head to the side and waited for the dust to disperse. It was then she saw a figure not far away. Curious, she walks towards it.

Tags: !complete, c: kitagawa keiko, c: matsumoto jun, r: g/pg
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