bou1983 (bou1983) wrote in eternallife_rpg,

[Open] Club Night!

Characters: Bou + Key(Kibum) + anyone else who wants to be in the club scene.. later,
Where: At a club, in Shibuya?  Day 10, night
Rating: PG (for crossdressing and the likes,)
Warning: um, two guys crossdressing as girls in short dresses. :DD
Summary:  Bou calls up Key so they can go clubbing in those dresses!

Bou lounged around on his couch, lazily, wondering what the hell he could do tonight.  He thought for a bit...

"Oh!  I promised Key that we would go clubbing this weekend!"  He suddenly remembered.  Bou quickly pulled out his cell phone, scrolled down his list of contacts, and called Key.

"Come on... pick up the phone Key." Bou whined to himself in the empty apartment, rushing around, trying to find that dress and that new necklace he had bought just yesterday.

"Ah!" He cried, as Key finally picked up his cell.  "Key!  It's me, Bou!  Remember, I promised you that we'd go clubbing soon?" Bou asked excitedly.

Ooh, hopefully Key didn't forget!  He still has to wear that really really short dress! Bou thought, animatedly.
Tags: !discontinued, dropped: bou, dropped: kim kibum (key), r: g/pg
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