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Characters: Bou & Key
Where: Shinjuku?
Rating: G
Warning[s]: None so far!  Except for two pretty boys hanging around each other could be of potential danger. ^^
Summary:  Bou bumps into Key on the streets and they become friends. ^^

"Hm, what should I eat for dinner tonight?" Bou asked himself happily.

Bou had just got off work and was heading home when he realized he didn't have any food in the fridge.  So he quickly hurried over to the convience store and was currently deciding  what to eat.

"Onigiri?  Or maybe... a sandwich.  I'll go with the onigiri!" He decided.
Bou grabbed a bottle of water before making his way to the cashier and paying.

He happily walked out of the convience store and was walking home when suddenly,

Oof!  Bou bumped into someone and stumbled.
"Ah! So sorry!" He cried.
Tags: !complete, dropped: bou, dropped: kim kibum (key)
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