Teru (xsympathia) wrote in eternallife_rpg,

[Reserved] Advertisement

Characters: Teru and Kato Shigeaki.
Location: LOVE*LIFE Cafe - early morning
Rating: G
Summary: The cafe where Teru works hires a photographer for their ad, and who else do they hire but Shigeaki?

Advertisement! Let's make this cafe the best in all Japan! Was what the boss had said. He had been a bit more cheerful now that his wife was having a child, and wanted as much income as possible so his child could have a comfy life. Teru admired this, simply loving how he wanted the best for his child, so he played along. Before he knew it, the boss was relaying about a photographer coming in, and for all his staff to look the best they could. It was going to be early morning, and Teru had listened. He added a slight curl to the longer streaks of his hair, made sure he slept well so he didn't have bags, and even ironed his shirt! Only to find out.. well, a memo that was lying on the counter when he opened shop.

Sorry! Everyone is going to be late, as I forgot to remind everyone but you! (^-^);
Whoops! Do your best to keep him entertained, Teru, show him around!
- Boss-sama.

Sighing, his boss was such a ditz. Nothing he could do, though. So he simply cleaned up a bit, turned all the lights on, opened curtains, and waited for the 'prized' photographer to arrive.
Tags: !discontinued, dropped: kato shigeaki, dropped: teru, r: g/pg
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