Toda Erika (sweetyhunbun) wrote in eternallife_rpg,
Toda Erika

[RESERVED] just as simple as girls' chat

Characters: Kitagawa Keiko and Toda Erika
Location: University cafeteria
Rating: g
Warning: (Optional) none
Summary: Having lunch while chatting was the thing girls loved to do.

Another day had passed. No matter how late she slept last night, not to mention a bit hangover just because of two glasses of cocktails, Erika knew that she would still have to go to her University for studying. Tired, yes. Sleepy, yes. But this was her responsibility. What would happen if she skipped her class? She didn't even want to think about that.

Unfortunately, due to her exhaustion, she woke up a bit late that morning, thus she couldn't have any proper breakfast beforehand. It didn't really strange when she heard her stomach voice a few times, asking for something to fill it with. And as the lunch time, Erika didn't really waste her time at all and went straight to the cafeteria.

"1 spicy ramen, please~"

As her order was finished, she took her seat on one of the unoccupied table. Eating happily, Erika didn't really pay attention to her surrounding, not even when a familiar girl arrived there...
Tags: !complete, c: kitagawa keiko, c: toda erika, r: g/pg
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