RUKA (allexistforme) wrote in eternallife_rpg,

[Reserved] Sunshine.

Characters: Lee Hyori and Ruka
Location: Disneyland Theme Park
Rating: G.
Summary: Ruka decides to spoil Hyori, who he grew to see as a little sister, by bringing her to an amusement park.

Ah, the things he did for Hyori sometimes. Somewhere down the line, he began to spoil her, giving her whatever she wanted. He thought of her as a little sister, never allowing himself really to like anyone, her included. He definitely found her a beautiful vampire, however, and wouldn't deny it.

He was waiting for her, rather obediently outside the gate. It was at that moment his pride was injured quite a bit, as a giant Mickey Mouse wrapped their arms around the tall vampire. Ruka just attempted to squirm away, and let out a heavy sigh of relief as he was released by the massive headed mascot, and all he could do was hope and pray no one recognized him.

Glancing around, he made sure she didn't see him as he got mauled by the overly cheerful mascot. Although he was in such a childish place for her, he wanted to keep whatever dignity was possible.
Tags: !discontinued, dropped: lee hyori, dropped: ruka (satoru kano), r: g/pg
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