key_shining (key_shining) wrote in eternallife_rpg,

[RESERVED] Another Chance Meeting

Characters: Miura Haruma and Kim Kibum
Location: university; day seven, afternoon
Rating: --
Summary: Key's day of reunions continues!

The grin couldn't wipe off of his face as the family car made its way to the campus. Kibum had been smiling ever since he ran into one of his old friends. One of the family guards had continued to to question why he seemed so happy, but Key just shrugged him off. It really seemed like he was finally making real friends in Japan. Not the ones who seemingly loved him for his looks and money.

It was a good thing that his smile wouldn't fade. He was going to need it if he wanted to make an impression. At that moment, the car was en route to the university that Kibum was thinking of attending. His father knew people on the inside and pulled a couple strings to allow him to take a tour of the campus. It was stressful thinking that he'd be a college student so soon. Kibum crossed his legs and gazed out of the window as they finally reached their destination. The campus was sprawling with a huge number of kids bustling about and getting to their next classes.

Scenes like that made Kibum sort of excited.

His mood couldn't be any better as he stepped out of the car. After seeing Donghae again, he truly felt ecstatic. This tour was going to be great. Now where was that student guide?
Tags: !complete, c: miura haruma, dropped: kim kibum (key)
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