Henry Lau (刘宪华/劉憲華) (sereneshadows) wrote in eternallife_rpg,
Henry Lau (刘宪华/劉憲華)

[RESERVED] So we meet,

Characters: Ohkura Tadayoshi, Henry Lau
Location: Henry's office, Ohkura's house - university campus
Rating: PG-13
Warning: ... probably violence? idk
Summary: Henry chances upon a website requesting information about vampires, and his curiosity has him helping

Having settled on his new apartment and his roommates rather quickly days ago, Henry was faced with the task of moving his items over. Easy as it was for him to pick out the essential items and carry them across rooftops, procrastination struck at the wrong moment. Amid the chaos that was the Secret Execution Police Force's (SEPF) headquarters, his office was a quiet haven of clutter. It wasn't that he disliked the new apartment, but work was work - and it was office hours at that moment, even if the rules did not normally apply to him. Fingers swiftly flew over his keyboard as his eyes scanned the google page: vampire, garlic, wooden stake, midnight, blood, hunter. Freezing for a milisecond, he reread the keywords over and over again - vampire hunter, information needed.

Curious, he entered the site and quickly hacked into the server. Briefly browsing through the information, he opened up numerous browsers to identify the person behind the website. He figured that the hunter was not well-connected, let alone well-known, and left the usual hunter channels alone. Ohkura Tadayoshi, 23, full-time student. While the data about Tadayoshi's family indicated that they had stopped dealing with vampires, it did make sense that the child would go against the heads of the family. Fascinating. Grinning happily, Henry pulled up a file dealing with one of the weaker Class E vampires that the government wanted dead and marked it as his target - before sending the necessary information to the hunter. He decided, that helping this vampire hunter was not too bad an idea.

Tags: !discontinued, dropped: henry lau, dropped: ohkura tadayoshi, r: g/pg
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